عبارات عن اللغة العربية جاهزة للطباعة

Phrases of the Arabic language are ready to be printed to express the beauty and originality of the Arabic language, as it is one of the most beautiful and richest and most flexible languages ​​of the world, and the Arabic language is the language of eloquence, rhetoric and rhetoric, and it is the language of the Holy Qur’an, in which poets are rich, and about it literati, historians and orientalists speak. Pages website for a collection of the most beautiful phrases about the Arabic language.

Phrases for the Arabic language ready to be printed

The Arabic language is distinguished from other languages ​​by the abundance of words and their accuracy in expressing the intended meaning.

This wonderful relationship between word and meaning was evident in the poems of pre-Islamic poets from the Arabs, although what has come to us from their poems is much less than the poems and poems that the poets actually created.

A single collection in the poetry of the Arabs carries many expressions that go beyond the stage of the expression of the meaning, and even reach the presence of words that carry in their meaning the description and movement, this is the beauty and richness of the Arabic language.

The Arabic language is also rich in many styles and structures in the linguistic structure of the phrase, which makes it one of the richest languages ​​in the world in terms of the multiplicity of words and their abundance and the diversity of the linguistic structure of the phrase in its composition and expression.

Short phrases about the Arabic language

Among the Arabs, it is rhetoric to express in a few words many meanings, and this indicates to the Arabs the wit, cleverness and capacity for undertaking, and there are many short sentences that talk about the Arabic language, its originality and beauty.

Here are phrases about the Arabic language ready to be printed:

  • My language is my identity.
  • Our language is the language of the esteemed.
  • The Arabic language is like the sea.
  • I love my beautiful language.
  • I love Arabic language.
  • In our Arabic language, we face the world.
  • Your language is the title of the comfort of your mind.
  • Arabic is the language of Dhad.
  • The Arabic language is the pride of every Arab.
  • The Arabic language is the origin of all languages.
  • The Arabic language is the language of the Holy Quran.
  • The strength of the Arab character in a statement of its tongue.
  • There is no alternative in the hearts inhabited by the Arabic language.
  • How can a sane person replace a language in which the word of God was revealed.
  • The Arabic language is a structure of eloquence and eloquence.
  • The Arabic language is a vast sea in which there is no decision and no end.
  • My language is beauty and the most wonderful articulation, and I am proud of her love.
  • The Arab is the one who flaunts its prepositions and idioms.
  • Whoever wants to survive in life let him learn the Arabic language.
  • The replacement of the Arabic language indicates the shallowness of thought.
  • No one has known the status of the Arabic language except for its honor.
  • The Arabic language is evidence of the soundness of mind and intelligence of its owner.
  • The Arabic language was, is and will remain the mother tongue.
  • Expressions in the Arabic language calder in the sea Maknoun.
  • The words of the Arabic language are incapable of describing the world’s languages.
  • Speaking Arabic is the ultimate way to express oneself.
  • The Arabic language is the richest language in the world with a letter, pronunciation and meaning.
  • Whoever changes his Arabic tongue is not a defect in the language, but a defect in it.

Beautiful phrases about the Arabic language

The Arabic language was distinguished by its linguistic richness, the abundance of expressions and the accuracy of the expression of meanings, so the Arabic dictionaries abounded, which is full of countless expressions, for it is an ancient and authentic language that is not static, but capable of development and renewal due to its flexibility and distance from stagnation.

These are Arabic phrases ready for printing:

  • The Arabic language is more elegant than the world’s languages, and the tongue cannot describe its shiny goodness.
  • Arabic is not for any of you from a father or a mother, but rather from the tongue, so whoever speaks Arabic is Arabic.
  • How can an Arab person live without being proud of his Arabic language, which is nothing but the language of the Noble Qur’an.
  • The Arabic language is the language of the Noble Qur’an. You have the right to speak it proudly in front of both worlds.
  • The Arabic tongue is nothing but a chord on which sounds play to create for us the most beautiful words and meanings.
  • My language, even if the tongue is unable to praise you, my heart sings with your love and sings.
  • Mastering the Arabic language and its terminology, expresses the ancient Arab history.
  • Who dives into the depths of the Arabic language gets the most beautiful pearls.
  • The luster of Fasha for all that is beautiful, and the love of Fasha has no alternative.
  • Learn Arabic all of you, for it is the escape from drowning in foreign speech.
  • Glory be to the making of beauty in languages, and beautify the language of dissent with all beauty.
  • Bani Arabs won by their ability to understand everything in the Noble Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet.
  • All nations try to keep their language except Arabic, the secret of the survival of their nation.
  • People of the Arabic language are increasingly honored and proud that their language is the language of the people of Heaven.
  • The Arabs did not turn away from the tongue of their Arabism but were afflicted with weakness, submission and brokenness.
  • The Arabic language is our identity that we are proud to belong to.
  • The Arabic language is the language of eloquence, rhetoric, and the clear tongue.
  • The greatest book on the face of the earth is the Book of God Almighty. It came in Arabic and pronounced it by the Master of the Messengers.

Long phrases about the Arabic language

What increased the language was the splendor of the words and letters it contained, which over the centuries preserved its original features, increased its status, and raised its status as the descent of the Noble Qur’an in the Arabic language.

The Noble Qur’an is the speech of a worshiper by his recitation, it has rulings and rules for pronouncing it and sciences that came to preserve the integrity of his pronunciation, which had a great impact on preserving the authentic pronunciation of the Arabic language.

The following are phrases about the Arabic language ready for printing:

  • The greatest honor a language has received on earth is the honor the Arabic language has received.
  • Thanks to the Qur’an, the Arabic language has reached a level that no other language of the world can reach.
  • The identity of every Arab is the Arabic language, whether he wants it or not, and replacing speaking the mother tongue and speaking in other languages ​​is an act of insulting to its owner.
  • Our Arabic language began to be strange in the glove and in the deserts, then it soon spread in many countries and became the greatest language that mankind could know.
  • God Almighty promised us that His Book was preserved until the Hour of Resurrection. This is the reason for the persistence and spread of the Arabic language.
  • No one knows the status and status of the Arabic language and preserves its prestige and right. Otherwise, his stature and elevation, for the Arabic language is based first on eloquence, rhetoric, and the clear tongue.
  • Familiarity with the Arabic language is an indication of the intelligence of its owner and the soundness of the mind, and this is because it is not an easy language, rather it requires a great deal of knowledge to use it.
  • The Arabic language has been honored just as no other language has been so honored. One of the manifestations of this honor is that the greatest book on the face of the earth is the Book of God Almighty. It came in Arabic and pronounced it by the Master of the Messengers.
  • The intelligentsia who boast that they obliterated the Arabic language and started to speak other foreign languages, this is not only a lack of their culture; It is also the result of insulting themselves.

Poetic verses about the Arabic language

Arab literature is rich in poetry and poets, and the arts of literature and rhetoric are the best proof of that, which is full of the literary heritage of the Arabs.

That fountain that is not without creativity because of the abundance of words it contains, the abundance of meanings, and the diversity of styles and compositions; To come out to us in the most beautiful suit decorated with the arts of rhetoric from the beautiful statement and meanings.

The following verses contain Arabic expressions ready for printing:

  • Hafiz Ibrahim said in his poetry in which he speaks in the language of the Arabic language under the name (The Arabic Language poem):

I expanded the Book of God in word and purpose

And I have no shortage of verse with sermons

How can I become narrower today than describing a machine

وِنٍسِيقِ أسماءٍ لمُخْترَعاتِ

I am the sea in its guts, the Durr is lurking

Did they ask the diver about my shells?

  • Iraqi poet Sabah al-Hakim praises her love for the Arabic language in the poem (The Language of Dhad), saying:

I only write a language

I dwelt in my heart from a young age

The language of Dhad, and how beautiful it is

I’ll sing it until I die

I will love her in love with a lover

I sculpt the rocks and my craftsman thrives

I don’t care what hurts me

Rather, I see a fresh thought in his scratch

I challenge everyone who stops me

He is a man of antiquated taste

I am a soldier with my sword in my pen

And the letters of dad settle in it

  • A poem about the Arabic language by the poet Wadih Akl:

Not less than my mother tongue

She disowned those girls

My language is the most honorable mother who has not given birth

For those who are not honorable Arabs

I did not see a trace of my eyes

In the pristine languages ​​of the West

My Lord created the ancestor and has

He singled out her immortal good deeds

Promise from the West on

Our land is brutalized

He owned the house and was named his Lord

And the livelihood folded and gave life

Dhad attacked, and it was a stronghold

Absolutely steadfast in his face

Phrases from the Arabic language for Arab thinkers and writers

The Arabic Library has included many writings on the Arabic language countless, since ancient times.

Also included are texts, annotations and books that express the treasures contained in our authentic Arabic language, in which expressions about the Arabic language are ready for printing:

Dr. Abdel-Wahab Azzam says

“Arabic is a complete, beloved and wonderful language, its words almost depict scenes of nature, and its words represent the dangers of souls, and its meanings are almost evident in the bells of words, as if its words are the steps of the conscience, the heartbeat and the tones of life.”

Mustafa Sadiq al-Rafi’i says

Rather, the Qur’an is a linguistic nationality that brings together the parties of the ratio to Arabic.

Dr. Taha Hussein says

“Arab intellectuals who have not mastered their language are not only undereducated, but in their manliness is a great and insulting deficiency as well.”

Phrases on the Arabic language for Western thinkers

The glamor of the Arabic language has also attracted historians, philosophers, writers and thinkers from around the world who have spoken in their writings about the Arabic language, and contain phrases about the Arabic language ready for printing:

German orientalist Freitag says

“The Arabic language is the richest language in the world.”

  • The French historian and writer, Ernest Renan, says: “The Arabic language suddenly began to perfection, and this is the strangest thing in human history, as it has neither childhood nor old age.”

Phrases of the wonders of the Arabic language

The Arabic language has some of the characteristics and qualities that steal hearts, and these wonders include phrases about the Arabic language ready for printing:

  • The Arabic language consists of 29 letters, two of which make up the letter alif.
  • That is, three letters in the Arabic language form a meaningful pronunciation, and three letters may be more than six different words, each with a different meaning.
  • Most of the words of the Arabic language have three origins, and are called the linguistic root of the word or word.
  • There are countless words made up of three letters.
  • In the Arabic language, one word carries a complete sentence of verb, subject, and object, such as: I will put you asleep, make it obligatory for you, and it will suffice them.
  • There are phrases that are very small in their composition and carry many meanings.
  • There are single letter words like:

Prevent the action of the command from the verb.

Learn to do command from verb awareness.

In doing the matter from the verb, fulfill it.

I mentioned previously the topic of ready-to-print phrases on the Arabic language, consisting of short phrases about the Arabic language, and long phrases about the Arabic language.

In the conclusion of the article, we have mentioned poetic verses on the Arabic language, expressions on the Arabic language by Arab thinkers and writers, expressions on the Arabic language by Western thinkers, and expressions about the wonders of the Arabic language.

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