قصة سيدنا موسى عليه السلام كاملة بالعربية

The story of our master Moses, peace be upon him, is complete in Arabic from the stories mentioned by God, may He be glorified and exalted, in the Holy Qur’an, and the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, spoke about it. Because it contains the verses, lessons and sermons that Muslims benefit from in matters of their religion and their worship of God Almighty, and in the following lines through the Pages website we summarize for you the most important thing about the story of our master Moses, peace be upon him, complete in Arabic.

The story of Moses, peace be upon him, complete in Arabic

Among the stories that are repeatedly mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, but are considered one of the most frequently mentioned stories in several places in the verses of the Holy Qur’an, the events of the story of Moses, peace be upon him, are complete in Arabic from the day he was born until before his death, peace be upon him.

The story of our master Moses, peace be upon him, complete in Arabic can be gathered from the verses of the Noble Qur’an because of the many sermons in the story that benefit people of faith who follow Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, as most scholars said.

The story of our master Moses, peace be upon him, was mentioned in full in Arabic in the Qur’an and the noble Prophet’s Sunnah, and many scholars have spoken about it, which cannot be quantified nor can the article be mentioned. Peace as God facilitates us.

The story of the impact of the Prophet and his companions on himself

Lineage of the Prophet Moses, peace be upon him

We begin the whole story of our master Moses, peace be upon him, in Arabic by mentioning his name and his lineage, peace be upon him, for he is the Messenger of God Musa bin Imran bin Ishra bin Qahith bin Levi bin Yaqoub bin Ishaq bin Ibrahim – to the prophets of God and his messengers and our messenger Muhammad is the best of peace – and the mother of Musa is Johaabed.

The events of the birth of the Prophet Moses, peace be upon him

After the death of Joseph, peace be upon him, people from the Children of Israel remained in Egypt under the rule of the Pharaohs, and they were the remnants of their religion, and the rulers of Egypt followed from the Pharaohs, until the rule of one of them was the longest of them, and the darkest of them.

Before Moses was born, there were horrific events taking place in Egypt, where the Pharaoh of Egypt used to abuse the children of Israel, torture them, and treat them worse than before from the Pharaohs.

One night, this tyrant ruler rose in panic from his sleep, as he saw in his sleep that a fire was coming from the Holy House, burning the homes of the Egyptians and leaving the homes of the children of Israel until it came to him and burned it.

Pharaoh asked all the magicians and priests to explain to him an interpretation of what he saw and what frightened him in the dream, so they consulted in Pharaoh’s dream until they went out to him to interpret his dream that he will come out from among the children of Israel a child will be on his hands the end of the king of Pharaoh.

Pharaoh was terrified at the interpretation of his dream, and he became very angry with the children of Israel, and he commanded his soldiers to slaughter every newborn male and leave every newborn girl.

And Imran’s wife, Yochabid, was approaching the time of her birth, and she feared that her newborn might be a male, so God inspired her in her dream to breastfeed the newborn after she gave birth and then dumped him in the Nile, and that he would return to her safely.

When the mother of Musa gave birth to her baby, she breastfed him, and she was unable to fulfill what God had inspired her to do, and she gave his sister a box in which she placed the little baby, and asked her to throw it into the Nile, and follow the box.

Aasiah, the wife of Pharaoh, raised Moses, peace be upon him

The older sister did what her mother ordered, put the box in the water, and followed the box while hiding until the water carried the box to the palace of Pharaoh.

The servants found the box, and they brought it to the wife of Pharaoh Asia, who, as soon as she opened the box, her heart filled with the love of the little child, and she asked Pharaoh to raise it, so he agreed to her request without feeling that he was raising the end of his possession on his hands in his palace.

Asya rejoiced with Pharaoh’s approval of her request, and her heart was filled with love and mercy, but the little child began to cry, so she ordered Asya to bring her breastfeeding women, but the child was refusing and crying and starving.

The sister-in-law advised that she knew a breastfeeding woman, and she advised them about the mother of Musa, who as soon as she breastfed the boy even before and did not refrain, so what God Almighty promised her was that her newborn would survive, and that he would return it to her, and they did not feel.

Moses, peace be upon him, goes to Median

The boy grew up and became stronger, knowing that he was from the Children of Israel and hiding that, until he became a strong young man who had his place among the people, and one day he was walking in the market and the people closed, and if one of the children of Israel whom he knew, one of the Egyptians hit him.

The Israelite sought help from Moses, peace be upon him. As soon as Moses pushed the Egyptian man until the man fell to the ground and died, Moses walked from the place, turning around, thinking that no one had seen him. Then the second day came and Moses sought his way to the market to inspect the people, and did anyone know what had happened.

While Moses awaited, if the man who had sought help from before was seeking help again in a quarrel with an Egyptian man, he did not control himself until he went to rescue him from the hand of the Egyptian.

As soon as he grabbed him to keep him away from the Israelite, the Coptic told him that you would only want to be one of the arrogant people on the land, and kill me as you killed a soul yesterday, so Moses alerted that the people had known about his command, and Moses fled toward a debtor.

On the way he saw a well of water, and you might be hungry and thirsty for it, so there were men and women gathered around the well, and near the people, two girls were waiting until the people finished their need.

Moses, peace be upon him, was astonished at the situation of the two girls, so Moses asked them about the reason for their retirement from the people, and they said that they come to take their needs from the well after the people finish, and they only have their father, who is a great old man.

Moses helped them by watering them with the sheep that were with them, and he brought them what they needed from the water, and then they left quickly, and Moses was very hungry, and they went to their father quickly, not usually.

Musa and Shuaib, peace be upon them

The old sheikh asked his two daughters why they came quickly, so one of them told her father what happened, so her father asked her to go to him and bring it to him, so she went with him to her father, and he told him what happened to him.

The great sheikh was the Prophet of God Shuaib who was sent by God to the people of Median, so as soon as he heard his story and what happened with him, Shuaib secured him and knew that God saved him from the oppressive people, and my daughter Shuaib was listening. Their lives and their business.

Shuaib offered Moses, peace be upon them, to marry one of his daughters, to work with him for eight years, and if they are ten years old, then he is with him.

The story of our master Moses, peace be upon him, appears in full in Arabic, the morals of the prophets, and that God selects from His servants the best people to be prophets and messengers with his great wisdom, as was evident from the story of Moses and Shuaib, peace be upon them.

Moses spoke to God

Until the command from God came to him to return to Egypt, and on the way to Egypt, and his family saw a light from a distance with him, and he thought that a group of people was around a fire, so he asked them to stay until he touched the people and spent the night next to them.

When Moses, peace be upon him, approached the fire, then the fire that he saw was nothing but light from God, and if he heard a voice telling him to take off his shoes, and that in the Holy Valley it was rolled up.

God, may He be glorified and exalted, spoke to him, and asked him about what was in his right hand, and he answered him that it was a stick that he used to graze the sheep and lean on it, and he used it in other matters.

God Almighty commanded him to hold it again and not be afraid, it will return to its state as soon as he catches it, and He ordered him to put his hand in the pocket of the shirt and take out his hand, it will be bright white without harm, then if he returns it to his pocket again, it will return as it was.

Those are two verses by which he returns to Egypt, and invites Pharaoh to worship God himself and his people, so Moses asked his Lord to send Aaron his brother with him. Because he spoke the most eloquent of him, and would be an aid to him, so God answered him what he asked.

Moses returned to his family, walked to Egypt, returned to his mother’s house, and told Aaron his brother the command of his Lord, and Aaron was pious and devout from the righteous, so he obeyed the command of his Lord and companion of Moses to Pharaoh.

Moses and Aaron in front of Pharaoh

Moses and Aaron, peace be upon them, went to the tyrant Pharaoh, and when they entered Pharaoh, Moses said that he was a messenger from the Lord of the Worlds. .

Moses replied to him that he did it and he was not sent to him, and when I feared you and fled from you, God sent to him and became one of the messengers, so Pharaoh asked Moses, peace be upon him, to prove to him that he was a messenger from his Lord, so what was Moses but that he threw his stick on the ground, and if it was a snake, it sought Then Moses grabbed her and she returned to her first condition.

Moses, peace be upon him, put his hand in the pocket of his shirt, and a white came out with a sparkling light, then he put it back into his pocket, so it came out as it was in color, then Moses and Aaron invited him to worship God alone, and that he has the gardens of eternity if he believed in God, and they spoke softly to him, perhaps he believes in the one, subduing God.

Pharaoh’s magicians believe in the Lord of the worlds

Pharaoh was only proud, and called among the soldiers to bring him every brilliant magician on the land of Egypt, and he commanded that they bring these magicians on a day when they were celebrating and people would gather.

Pharaoh met with magicians and promised them valuable gifts and rewards, as they defeated Moses with their magic in front of the people, so the magicians rejoiced and reassured him that they were the victors, as they had reached an amount of magic arts.

Days later, the day of celebration came, and the people gathered, and Pharaoh ordered that the magicians attend before Moses, so the magicians gave Moses the choice of who to start, and they were certain that they were the victors, so he told them to start, so the magicians began to work their magic.

As soon as the magicians threw their ropes and sticks, a great life became moving before the eyes of the people, and Moses was afraid of the horror of what he saw, for he is a normal human being and does not know the arts of magic. But he is a messenger from God, so God inspired to cast what is in his right hand, and as soon as he throws his stick, it is a snake that eats what they have made of magic.

Then he grabbed a beard, and it turned into a stick again, and he put his hand into his pocket and then took it out, and it became white and luminous, so what the magicians knew was that they were not witches but rather messengers from God, so all the magicians worshiped, and believed in the Lord of Moses and Aaron.

Pharaoh increased his arrogance and tyranny, and instead of believing in God after it was proven to him that Moses was not a witch, he claimed that Moses was their chief who taught them magic, and that they believed before he permitted them to believe.

He promised them the most severe types of torment, so the magicians proved their faith in God, and chose torment and martyrdom in this world, deliverance from God’s torment in the hereafter, and winning Heaven.

God delivers whoever He wills

The magicians did not believe alone in the Lord of the worlds, but believed with them the woman of Pharaoh of Asia, and when Moses felt her faith, he tortured her so that she would return from her faith, but she called upon God to build her a house in paradise. On monotheism.

Pharaoh increased his tyranny, he and his soldiers, and increased the torment of the children of Israel and everyone who believed with Moses, so God sent the flood upon them, so they asked Moses to call upon his Lord to return the water, and God answered him, so they returned to what they were in of disbelief and torture of the believers, and as soon as he sent them God will torment until they end and believe, and then He will remove Him from them unless they return.

The command came to Moses, that he and those who believed with him in God should walk, so Pharaoh and his soldiers knew of their order, so they went to them, and Moses and his people were near the sea, so Pharaoh and his soldiers did not approach, and the children of Israel felt that they were certain that they were lost.

God Almighty inspired Moses to hit the sea with his stick, and the sea split all the way around, like a mountain, and Moses, peace be upon him, and those with him passed by him, and when Pharaoh and his soldiers saw the water, he did not believe in God despite all the miracles he saw, and he and his soldiers did not stop him seeing the sea that was divided between Moses and whoever He has a great verse.

Pharaoh commanded his soldiers to follow Moses and his people the way of the sea, which God made easy for Moses and those with him, and as soon as Moses and those with him escaped from the sea road, God closed the sea again on Pharaoh and his soldiers, and they all drowned by the command of God.

Those who contemplate the events of the entire story of our master Moses, peace be upon him, in Arabic will find many verses and lessons that all confirm God’s power for everything.

The stubbornness of the children of Israel

God Almighty has mentioned the story of our master Moses, peace be upon him, complete in Arabic with his people from among the children of Israel, and what they did with their Messenger after they saved them from injustice and saw the verses, and God bestowed upon them with various blessings. Their stubbornness with the Messenger of God Moses is as follows:

  • When the children of Israel escaped from Pharaoh and his soldiers, they passed by a people who worshiped idols, and they asked Moses, peace be upon him, to make them an idol that they would worship, and that was their ignorance.
  • God inspired Moses to go to Mount al-Tur, and leave his brother Aaron with his people, so he completed forty days to learn the rulings of the Torah from his Lord, and when he returned, he found them worshiping a calf made of gold, one of them led them astray, and he was called the Samaritan.
  • After God tormented them of those who had tormented, and those who repented, and instead of praising God and thanking Him, they asked Moses, peace be upon him, to see God, glory be to Him, and God shocked them and then revived them after Moses, peace be upon him, invoked his Lord.
  • When one of them was killed, and those who did it were ignorant, they asked Moses, peace be upon him, to know from his Lord who killed the man, so he commanded them to slaughter a cow.

The events of what the Children of Israel did were mentioned in detail in the story of our master Moses, peace be upon him, complete in Arabic in many places in the Holy Qur’an. So that Muslims would be considered and not do what they did with their Messenger, and it would be a lesson and a sermon to all believers.

The story of wandering and the death of Moses and Aaron, peace be upon them

After all that the Children of Israel did and God pardoned them, God inspired Moses to enter him and his people into the Holy Land (now Palestine). In order for them to have a home and a safe place in which they worship God, and this is a promise from God to them of victory and security.

What was among them was that they refused, and abused etiquette with God and His Messenger, and they said: Go, you and your Lord, and fight those who are in it, and when your Lord enters it and supports you, we enter and settle in it, then God punished them by not entering it.

God decreed them to wander in the earth for forty years, and Aaron died before Moses, peace be upon them, and scholars differed as to whether he died in the wilderness or after him, but according to the most correct sayings, they died in wandering, and there are those who said, but immediately after wandering, and God knows best.

The story of Moses, peace be upon him, is very brief

We mentioned to you the story of our master Moses, peace be upon him, in full, in Arabic, and we hope that God will benefit us with what came in it, and this and what was from success. From God alone, and what was error, error or forgetfulness, it is from me and from Satan, and God is supreme and knows best and he is the guardian of success.

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