كم عدد المراكز الصحية في عمان

How many health centers in Amman? What are the addresses of these centers? This is one of the most important questions that some patients or injured people need in the Sultanate of Oman so that the patient knows the hospitals closest to his home, and then goes to them if an emergency is found, and for this, through the Pages website, we will answer today how many health centers in Oman, in addition to all the information related to Subject matter.

How many health centers are in Amman?

How many health centers in Amman? The Sultanate of Oman includes a large number of health centers to provide the necessary health care to citizens, which makes residents surrounded by all means of health care, but some, especially in the case of severe illness, may need to know the names of the addresses of the health centers closest to his home.

The matter is due to the fact that patients with some diseases cannot be impatient with the disease or come and go from a remote center, even if it provides better care.

Answer How many health centers in Amman? It should be in light of the number of all organizations in the field of health, as follows:

  • According to the latest statistics in 2015, the Sultanate of Oman has about (70 hospitals, 65 health centers, 23 health complexes, 52 family clinics, 117 health centers without beds, 1047 clinics without beds), in addition to 604 private pharmacies.
  • How many health centers in Amman? As for the number of hospitals and private health centers in the Sultanate, it is equivalent to about (15 hospitals have 582 beds, 49 Chinese / Indian clinics, 146 public clinics but affiliated with private companies, 233 dental clinics, 223 medical complexes, 302 general clinics, 65 specialized clinics). In addition to 21 medical laboratories, and 604 private pharmacies.

The answer to the question of how many health centers are in Amman, in the public and private spheres, is that the number exceeds 200 centers, which is more than enough to cover the health needs of the people.

How many governorates of the Sultanate of Oman and its system of government?

Working cadres of the Ministry of Health

After we answered how many health centers are in Amman? We move to the medical personnel that work in the Omani medical sector. The Sultanate has a medical team of all working cadres from various specialties and their number is as follows:

  • (6393) male and female doctors.
  • 358 dentists.
  • (1711) technical workers in medical laboratories.
  • (770) technical workers and radiographers.
  • 554 pharmacists.
  • Number (14,675) male and female nurses.
  • (364) medical treatment technicians.
  • A number (1434) of assistant fishermen.
  • (14005) workers of various specialties working in the medical sector.

Concepts related to health units in the Sultanate of Oman

Some immigrants or new arrivals in the Sultanate need to know the difference between a hospital, a health center, public and private clinics, etc., and for this reason we will explain the work and function of each organization through the following points:

  • Hospital: It is a reference source to which critical cases are referred by other hospitals or cases that need care that are not located in centers and clinics. Omani hospitals provide secondary health care and are considered regional hospitals located in the governorate center.
  • The health complex: is an organization that provides basic health care that all patients need, in addition to the health complex owning a number of outpatient clinics specialized in different specialties, and it is more general than the health center.
  • The health center: It is an organization that provides basic health care needed by patients, in addition to having a number of beds that receive birth cases and provide them with the necessary medical care.
  • Medical complexes or centers: It is a facility in which there are many specialized clinics.
  • Public clinics: medical places that provide medical services and simple health care only, and do not receive emergency situations, so critically ill patients must go to hospitals to do what is necessary.
  • Public clinics affiliated with private companies: Just like public clinics, they are not owned by the state, but they are affiliated with private companies that provide clinics service to the public.
  • Specialized clinics: Here each clinic specializes in a specialization, for example there is an ear, nose and throat clinic, and there is an internal clinic, and so on, and the patient has to go to the clinic specialized in the disease or health problem that he suffers.
  • Major operations: are the operations in which there is a need for general anesthesia for the patient, in addition to the presence of a number of assistive medical devices during the operation.
  • Minor operations: are the simple operations that the patient can perform, while he is awake or semi-sedated, and no devices are used in them.

Governmental hospitals in the Sultanate

Health hospitals provide care to severe or dangerous disease cases, due to the hospital equipment that has been prepared to fulfill this purpose, and we will provide the names of some government hospitals in the Sultanate and some details about them as follows:

Royal Hospital

The Royal Hospital, which was inaugurated in 1987 AD, is considered one of the hospitals specialized in providing the best medical care to patients at the best level. The hospital is self-managed despite its affiliation with the Ministry of Health, and this led to skipping the routine, as it tended to develop and reduce waiting hours for patients.

The hospital is characterized by a number of specialties such as surgery, obstetrics, gynecology and children, a department of oncology, radiology, nuclear medicine, and others, so it can be resorted to in solving strong problems that require care through devices and beds.

The hospital is located in the southern Ghubra area in the city of (Muscat). The hospital operates from 3:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and you can communicate with them through the following methods:

  • Call the adult emergency number 24599457.
  • You can call the Children’s Emergency Number 24599361.
  • Call the emergency number of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at 24599085.

Qurayyat Hospital

The hospital is located in the Qurayyat area in the Governorate of Muscat, and provides secondary care to patients. The hospital also provides medical services to the public from Sunday to Thursday from 7:30 am to 9:30 pm.

As for the auxiliary services, they are only on Saturday and Sunday from eight in the morning until eight in the evening, and you can communicate with the hospital through the following methods:

  • Call the direct number 24847220.
  • Call the emergency number 24847220.
  • Contact them by fax at 24845001.
  • Contacting the only call center number 24441999.

Sultan Qaboos Hospital

The hospital is located in the area (123 Al-Khoud) in the Dhofar region, and the hospital was opened in 1979 AD. It also provides high-level medical services to all citizens of Oman from various regions. The hospital contains 450 beds, in addition to modern medical machines.

All medical departments are available in the institution, and also provide services to citizens 24 hours a day, and you can contact them via the number 96823216000.

Police Hospital

The hospital works in the service of all the cadres working in the field of police and also accepts to host and treat their relatives, the Police Hospital has a large number of departments in various medical specialties, in addition to its distinction with a medical cadre of the highest level consisting of multinational specialists.

The hospital is located in the wilayat of Mutrah, and you can contact the hospital by calling 24603988.

Al Nahda Hospital

It is a hospital with a reputation in the medical field, as it was opened in 1972, and the hospital started adding departments gradually, so the hospital became the highest secondary medical service in various fields, including: (pediatrics, dentistry) and so on.

The hospital has (142) beds, in addition to (12) beds for short medical care, and (16) beds for emergency cases.

Samail Hospital

There is in Al-Samail, specifically, the interior region, and the hospital provides appropriate care for her illness, as the hospital operates during the 24 hours from seven in the morning until seven in the evening, and you can contact them at: 025350055.

Izki Hospital

They are located in Izki, in the Dakhiliyah region, and within it there are many departments such as: (internal medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, and orthopedics), and you can contact them at number: 25340033 or 25341755.

Ibn Sina Hospital

Ibn Sina Hospital is located in the Amarat area in Wadi Hatat in the Muscat region, and this hospital specializes in treating mental and neurological diseases, and you can contact them at number: 24876322 or 25877361.

Tanaam Hospital

Tanam Hospital is located in Ibri, within the Dhahirah region, in the State of Oman, and you can contact them by calling 25699011 or 25699033.

Masirah Hospital

The hospital is located next to Masirah Air Base, specifically on (Al-Muhallab School) Street in Al-Dafat area, and the hospital operates 24 hours a day for all departments, especially surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, and for the dental department, its appointments are from 7:30 a.m. to 2: 30 pm).

You can contact this hospital by calling them on 25504654 at any time of the day.

Ibri Reference Hospital

The hospital is considered relatively modern compared to its counterparts from government hospitals, as it was established in 1995, and is considered the reference hospital in the Dhahirah Governorate, as it receives all critical cases from all governorates, and it contains 240 beds for cases that need beds.

The hospital is located in front of the Courts Complex located in Al-Dhahirah Governorate, specifically, 7 km from the city center, and the working hours of the departments inside the hospital vary, but the appointments are generally flexible and exceed 12 hours in most departments so that the hospital is able to receive a large number of patients.

Each department within the hospital has its own number, but it is possible to contact them via the public relations number, which is 25691957, and the department will transfer the caller to the required department.

Private hospitals in the Sultanate of Oman

Private hospitals are investment projects for their owners and do not follow the government system, and they always try to excel government hospitals at all levels, in order to ensure that they attract the client who aims for quality even at the level of treatment, so we will present some names of the most prominent private hospitals and a small summary about them in the following:

Starcare Private Hospital

It is located in the Seib area in the Governorate of Muscat, and it is a leading hospital in the medical field and accredited by the International Commission, since its first year, in addition to obtaining an ISO certificate, as well as praised by some other organizations, whether at the local or global level.

The hospital was built based on American specifications, and the institution provides the necessary health care to patients throughout the day, and has many specialized departments that have reached 35 specialties, in addition to a group of the best doctors and experienced consultants, and it has private operating rooms equipped to the highest level.

You can view the hospital’s system and contact them by visiting their official website from “From Here”, or contacting them by phone on 24558333.

Kims Hospital

This hospital is located in the Darsait area in the Governorate of Muscat, and provides a group of distinguished medical services at the hands of a group of prominent doctors and consultants with leading experience in the medical field.

The Corporation has an electronic information center to organize and archive information and data to achieve the best service to the public, in addition to a group of the latest medical devices in the world.

The hospital contains a large number of medical specialties in all fields, and has 50 beds to receive cases that need beds.

You can browse the official website of the institution from “From Here”, and you can contact it by phone at 97824760100, or at 24760100.

Badr Al-Sama Hospital

It is located in the Omani region of Sur, and it is one of the distinguished private hospitals in the Sultanate, and it owns almost all specialties, and the hospital contracts with the most skilled doctors in the Sultanate, and is characterized by the speed of issuing the results of analyzes and x-rays.

The hospital operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until Friday, and you can contact them on 98201536.

Names and addresses of health centers in the Sultanate

When asked how many health centers are in Amman? So we find that the Sultanate of Oman has a large number of health centers, and we will mention a number of names and addresses of these centers as follows:

  • Nizwi Health Complex: It is located in the Nizwi area, and you can contact them on 0096825425055.
  • Al-Khous Health Center: It is located in Al-Khos, and you can contact them on 0096824537443.
  • Ibra Health Center: The center is located in the Wilayat of Ibra, and you can call it on 0096825570533.
  • Muscat Health Center: The institution is located in the Muscat region, and you can contact them on 0096824693418.
  • Al-Khaboura Health Complex: It is located in the Khaboura sector, and you can contact them on 0096826805799.
  • Marabit Health Center: It is a popular center in the region of Marabit, and the center number is 0096823268315.
  • Rustaq Health Complex: affiliated with the Ministry of Health, and it is located in the Rustaq sector, and its number is 0096826877784.
  • Madha Health Center: located in the Madha area, its number is 0096826739480.
  • Samad Al-Sha`a Health Complex: It is located in the Wilayat of Al-Musaybi, and the contact number is 0096825526177.
  • Ras Madraka Center: It is located in the Duqm area, and its number is 0096899203613.
  • Ras Al Hadd Health Complex: It is located in the Tire region, and you can contact them on 0096899211813.

In the previous topic, we answered the question of how many health centers are there in Amman? The Sultanate has an adequate and adequate number of health centers provided by the state for citizens, so that the Omani citizen receives the best health care, and we hope that we have helped you.

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