شعر عن المملكة العربية السعودية بالفصحى مع اسم الشاعر

Poetry about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in classical Arabic with the name of the poet is what makes the Saudi citizen share national poetry through the pages of social networking sites, and he is certain of the source of the poetry, proud that the princes and great writers have spun poetry for his homeland, so through the pages site we will show you poetry about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Al-Fusha with the poet’s name.

Poetry about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in classical Arabic with the name of the poet

Poetry is a permanent art that does not perish throughout the ages, so how many heroes are still alive by glorifying them in poetry, and how many countries or tribes have surpassed another by gaining a high status among poets, and who is more worthy of the country of the Two Holy Mosques praising their glories of poets and princes, so we will show you A collection of the most beautiful poetry verses about Saudi Arabia are as follows:

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The brilliant poet chants for his homeland, “Let me lose heart with his love.”

The well-known poet Abdullah Al-Hazmi performed patriotic poems for the country of the Two Holy Mosques, and we will present an excerpt from this poetry in the following:

“Let me, for the heart wandered with its love.”

And I was only killed by life near him

He has no similarity among the countries

And all the sons of Islam move towards it

And known to all the countries

He roamed the universe, erasing its distress

O my country, we will waste your souls

You live without fear of death and sermons. ”

Poetry about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in classical Arabic with the name of the unique poet, which means his creative masterpieces that deserve consideration, so we will add more verses to the poetry and present what the feat said in other verses – in his poem (The Home of Goodness) – about the country of peace in the following:

“Linda Wittenah Hammah Allah, وَوَفَّقَنَا لِكَي نْرْعَاهْ

وَنَحْنُ جُنُودُهُ نَحْمِيهِ ، كُلُّ نُفُوسِنَا تَفْدَاهْ

بِهِ الخَيْرَاتُ وَافِرَةٌ ، وَفِيهِ الجَوُّ مَا أَحْلاَهْ

وَعَمَّ الأَرْضَ مِنْهُ الخَيرُ, طَالَ النَّاسَ فَضْلُ عَطَاهْ

بِظِلِّ مُلُوكِنا نَحْياَ, حَيَا العِزِّ لَيْسَ سِوَاهْ

فَآلُ سُعُودَ وَجْهُ السَّعدِ, عِزُّ زَمَانِنَا وَضِيَاهْ

ُسُودٌ نَسْلُ اسُادَ, وَهُمْ لِلمَجْدِ خَيرُ بُنَا

وَقائِدُنا مَلِيْكُ الشَّعْبِ, سْلْمَانٌ رَعَاهُ اللهْ

مَلِيْكُ الخَيْرِ وَالْمَعْرُوفِ, وَالإِصْلاَحُ كُلُّ رَجَاهْ

وَكَمْ قَدْ سَانَدَ المَظْلُومَ, حَتَّي حَقَّهُ وَافَاهْ

لإِحْلالِ السَّلاَمِ سَعى وَهَذَا هَمُّه و مُنَاهْ “

Poem (My Beloved Country) by Dr. Mustafa Balila

Poetry about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Al-Fusha with the name of the poet and Dr. Lila, form a unique mixture of words that have lived and will live in the minds of the people of Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Mustafa wrote the patriotic poem, My Beloved Country, which was stuck in the minds of the Saudi people through the singing of the able artist Count Razzaq at a night to it, and for this we will present some poetic verses from this poem in the following:

“My soul and I do not possess my hands for it

My beloved country, and do I love anything else?

My homeland, which I have lived under his skies

He is the one who has lived above his god

Since childhood I have fallen in love with him

I love its ease and its goodness

My beloved homeland and you are the home of Glory

And a ray of light illuminated his teeth

At every bright glance I pray to him

In the light of Ham, his memory was fragrant

In my country, noble stars have emerged

The faithful were martyred in Hama

Ahmed has grown up in the shadow of your land

And he walked from him, calling on his master

He calls for the true religion as a gift

The darkness has passed and his case has been strengthened.

Hosni Al-Subaihi poetry from home

The poet Subaihi excelled in presenting poetry suitable for every citizen in his homeland, because of the beauty of the poetry he wrote in a poem titled My Country I Love You, and for this we will present some of these verses in the following:

“My country, I love you, there is no alternative.”

Would you like me to tell me a clue?

Your love will fade away in my blood

No, I will not, and I will not be inclined

Your memory will go astray in my mouth

And my will for every generation

Patriotism is not a pretense

Loving the homeland is a heavy business

And the guide of my love, my country

Long time will testify to him

I struggle with patience

Achieve the noble goal ”.

A poem by the late poet Talal Maddah

The well-known poet Talal Maddah, the poet of the Saudi song, presented to us in his life a large number of poems that have remained alive to this day and greet their owner in the minds of every Saudi proud of his homeland, by presenting the national poems and perhaps one of the best poems presented by the following:

“God is the first, and your glory is your second homeland, to the people of the island, peace and obedience to the king

The soldiers of the guard came to the Albanian commander, his spear and his shield, and the sheikh’s palm and his arm

Like heavy swords, and if the genie of the culprit strikes the necks of those who are greedy in the house

From Abdel Aziz and we were in the morning that I no longer accept the darkness of the night, if only an hour

In peace, the age of our homeland bears witness to us, and in war our souls are for the dead.

Saudi poem Fenar by Ibrahim bin Moqhem

The poet excelled in this poetry by embodying his pride in his homeland and religion through well-rhythmic verses, picking out the meanings that clarify his feelings and enrich the language for the reader at the same time, and we will present some of these verses as follows:

“Saudi Arabia, Fanar al-Din, from the era of prophethood, is free to a certain extent that is disputed by pride with all its norms

Its name comes from Abu Turki’s grandfather, and it is the circuit of Al-Marwa, in the suburbs of the peninsula from one end to the other

We are honored in Makkah and its goodness and pride is the pride of the brothers.

Saudi Prince Khaled Al-Faisal poetry about the kingdom

Poetry about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in classical Arabic with the name of the poet Prince is worthy of making one stop his preoccupations to listen to his masterpieces of art embodied in rhyming verses appealing to the love of the homeland.

Prince Khaled is the prince of the city of Makkah Al-Mukarramah, and in addition to being a prince, he is the advisor to the king, God granted him an innate talent, so he used it to write poetry in many fields of poetry, and he was especially distinguished in national poetry in which he showed his love for his homeland with pride, and we will present some of his poetry In the poem (Raise Your Head):

“Lift your head, you are Saudi

Your kind exceeded all my limits

The owner is an instance of the world

Others decrease and you provide

Persia and your ancestors Fawars

And the house of God became a guard

Planted with glory and planted

In the field of Ezz Shahoudi

Teach you Ghanem and your neighbor Salem

He is afraid of your oppressive prestige. “

This is not the only national poem of His Highness the Prince, as he has many books in this field, and for this we present the distinction of the poetic prince in the poem I am a Saudi in the following:

“I, Saudi, saw me as the symbol of Islam

And I, Arabs, continued to Arabize my country

I am a descendant of glory from the beginning of the days

People are witnessing me and witnessing my jihad

Constitutional Quran law and order

And the Sunnah of God’s Prophet is our best guide

I walk on the world and I am raising the inspiration

And I will boast over the world as I reap my harvest

If some of them are late, you go ahead

And if he was afraid, I would go

The battlefields have come ahead

And if you are in my own right, I will return

And appear on others if I became crowded

A colonel of nature pioneer ”.

Poet Mohammed Al-Eid spinning poetry for Saudi women

Based on the role of women in Saudi society, the poet Muhammad Al-Eid created delicate verses in which he thanked the honorable Saudi women for their great role in building an advanced and emerging nation that adheres to Islamic values ​​in the era of openness, and we will explain some of these verses in the following:

“Saudi women did not sell their bodies behind a screen

Amidst a dress that only increases immorality

There is no shortage, except for a cloth

For the first place

Or Wasafa Center

Saudi women are blood

Saudi women are religion

Saudi women Hill

Chief Minister Wasserman

Saudi women are a torrent of mothers of the believers.

The poet Saad bin Saud chants (Saudis in positions)

The kingdom has always had decisive stances in the fate of the nation, as it is the home of the Prophet (PBUH), which since the beginning of Islam has sought to spread the light of guidance to the rest of the world, and for this reason the poet Saad bin Saud sang verses of poetry that delight our ears about the nation’s poetry, and for this we will present some verses Presented by the following:

“Saudis in attitude, word and ideas

Our dignity, our magnanimity, is manifested by brotherhood and jealousy

Great and great, O our country, and the old are great

We are transcendent and appreciate the rights of proximity and neighborliness

Our policy is wise, we are hostile to nothing but bad people

Our good endeavors are on the paths of good and benevolence.

Poet Hammoud Al-Ghanim composes poetry in love for the homeland

Proud of being proud of his homeland, the great poet, Hammoud Al-Ghanim, presented to us one of the most beautiful poems, saying about the country of goodness and peace, the following verses:

“Oh, asking about my country and my country

And searching for the ancestral home

My homeland includes the Sacred House and the goodness

And the Messenger of Truth is the best caller

My country by the purgatory Sharia ruler

With the right he ends the hatred revolution

My country is dear in which all love

It rises above all blackness

My country is running well in its parts

And prevail despite the clutches of envy

Rise and force them in our land

And they shot an arrow of death, the heart of my country

But despite the difficulties, it is important

He rises to the invitation of the servants

Clinging to their religion and turning

To God who is honored and glorified

To protect the honorable people and their land

And perpetuates the security of religion and bodies

And the schemers’ cunning responds by slaughtering them

And he returns those who strayed to the Al-Hadi approach.

Poet Muhammad Faki spins verses in love with the Kingdom

Out of the poet’s pride in his homeland and pride in his identity and Arab identity, he weaved poetic verses that made our breasts swell with pride in belonging to the land that was the cradle of the prophets, saying in verses full of pride:

“My compassion from you, O Mecca, does not encourage our beloved ones

The world was ours as you were our religion

And you were the high square guiding and guiding us

And the circle of smell honored us and sheltered us

And the kindergarten singing would inspire us and exalt us, so what will I treasure you?

O Mecca gave birth to Miamina and how are you

O Mecca, what is the sweetest offering we make for the glory of God

We are happy and guide us wherever my birth home

I was honored for my birthday as if I was the one

I was revealed on my holidays and my youth was tweeting

It is as if the young man sees in the fields and troughs what the hunter wants

And they were nothing but the sanctuaries, in which were deposited by the Pacific

Glory to the one who honored them with goodness and valley

And they were masters of the land in the Jordan Valley and Anjad.

Ghazi Al-Qosaibi composes poetry for the people of the Hijaz

Poetry about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in classical Arabic with the name of the poet Al-Qossabi is an indication that the reader is on a date with rhyming verses proud of the homeland, and we offer a bite of his verses as follows:

Yes, we Hijaz and we find, here is glory for us and there is glory

And we, the Arabian Peninsula, have ransomed them, and they benefit them, and a lioness

And we, our north, got bigger, and we, our south, got bigger, stronger. ”

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We presented to you poetry about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Al-Fusha with the poet’s name, as it is necessary to preserve the ownership and the lineage of poetry to the one who said it, and we have offered you a selection of the most beautiful poetry said about the love of the land of the prophets that is still a beacon to the world today, and we hope that we have helped you .

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